Flowing Spaces

Oil on linen panel

30 x 50 inches

Contact Altamira Fine Art to inquire about this painting: (307)-739-4700

Many of my recent paintings center on ideas about transitions, seasons, and brevity. These pieces will come together in my show titled “In Motion.” Here is part of the statement that I wrote to accompany these paintings:  In the steady shifting of one season to the next I am reminded of what is precious and fleeting; I try holding on to the quickly changing colors of autumn, to the light of summer, to what is quickly passing. I also look ahead with anticipation to the awakening of spring after winter, to the wonder of every first snowfall, to the hope of rebirth. These paintings stem from inspirations that are always in motion, and in all of this letting go and holding on there is the hope of inner stillness and the renewal that comes with every breath and every sunrise.