Painting Horses

My first oil painting was of a horse. I was ten years old and I painted it with the help of my very patient grandmother. At the time I was obsessed with horses. I drew them over and over, I loved books about them, and I would painstakingly save up money to buy plastic horse figurines. Not long after I painted that first horse, I rode a horse and fell off. This put quite a damper on my horse frenzy.

Earlier this year I was able to experience a bit of my old love of horses once again when I was invited to paint for a few days in Lexington, Kentucky. The world’s largest seller of thoroughbred racehorses, Keeneland, has an artist’s cabin on their grounds, and during my stay there I was able to observe horses training against beautiful backdrops of rolling emerald hills. Every morning I would rise early to watch the jockeys and horses make their laps around the racetrack, beginning with the first whisper of light before dawn.

Two of the paintings that were inspired by my time in Keeneland will be part of the Sporting Art Auction on November 21st in Lexington. Here is a link to the auction’s website so that you can find out more about the artwork and the bidding process: