National Park Adventures

Teton View Sunrise, 10x8 inches, Oil on Linen Panel

Teton View Sunrise, 10×8 inches, Oil on Linen Panel

In the past couple of months I have been able to paint in three of my favorite National Parks: Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone. When I look at my paintings of these places, I remember the strange and wonderful adventures that have unfolded there, like…


The time my dad and I hiked across the Grand Canyon. We sweated our way over trails from the north rim to the south rim, marveling at the canyon’s beauty as we gained an intimate view of its vastness.


The time my friends and I jumped into a waterfall at Yellowstone so that the current would suck us under and shoot us down between high rock walls. The current soon slowed and swept us into a graceful layer of bugs that hovered like mist over the surface of the water at dusk.


The time I was so focused on my painting in the Tetons that I was unaware of the bison that were wandering closer and closer to me as I worked. I was armed with a can of bear spray in case of an unhappily close encounter with a grizzly, but I had no defense against bison except to finish my painting as quickly as possible.


I am deeply thankful for my job that allows me to wander again through such beautiful places.