Gold, Wood, and Paint

At Dusk in the Winter Forest

“At Dusk in the Winter Forest,” 34×20 inches, Oil on Linen Panel

My parents made each of the frames for my paintings in the upcoming exhibit at Gallery 1261 (May 28 through June 20 in Denver). We worked together to design these frames, aiming for an end result that would compliment the simplicity and layered effects of my paintings. It took us months of cycling through prototypes to come up with the current results.

My dad meticulously assembles the frames from scratch, beginning with sticks of raw poplar wood. He spent months researching the best ways to shape the wood, join the corners, layer the colors, and the many other steps that are involved in making professional grade frames.

My mom carefully gilds the inner edge of each frame with 23K gold leaf. This is a tedious, expensive, and detailed process, and the end result is a gleaming edge (on a 15 degree angle, to be precise) that reflects the surface of the painting and quietly invites viewers to come closer.