Art and Aid for Refugees

"Lights at Dawn," 8x10 inches, Oil on Linen Panel

“Lights at Dawn,” 8×10 inches, Oil on Linen Panel

Through the end of this year I will donate 50% of sales from the paintings I post on Facebook [Click Here to See my Facebook Page]. The funds will go to the Syrian refugee aid work of Compassion and Mercy Associates. Our donations will provide household necessities and counseling services to refugees who are in desperate circumstances. Good friends of mine work with this organization, and they describe these efforts in the Middle East as relief that brings hope and dignity. Will you join me in reaching out?

The Syrian refugee crisis and the volatility of the Middle East became real to me during my recent travels in Turkey and in Egypt. While I was in Turkey, every day brought news of another bombing, another wave of displaced people. From there I went to Egypt, where I spent nine days in Sinai at the remote St. Catherine’s Monastery. It was beautifully silent. Now, only a few weeks later, the region is an international headline because of the explosion of a passenger plane. The monks of St. Catherine’s monastery heard the explosion during their services. These are lands in precarious balance, where my friends and my family live in the shadow of brewing tension.